Our Pastor

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Temple Baptist Church called Joel D. Bixler to be our pastor on June 3, 2007. He accepted the call and greatly looks forward to what God is going to do.

Pastor Bixler grew up in a pastor's home. He heard the holy Scriptures from a child and trusted Christ as his personal Savior on July 21, 1983.

He was called to preach at the age of fourteen, and was led by the Lord to attend Crown College of the Bible, where he majored in Pastoral theology. Upon completion of graduate school, the Lord led Pastor Bixler to his home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Williamsport, Pennsylvania). He served as an assistant to the Pastor for seven years in various ministries. Then, in July 2007, the Lord led him to pastor Temple Baptist Church.

Pastor Bixler believes that God still can and will save souls and do mighty works this day. He has a vision to reach the world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, including the greater Lenoir, NC area. He wants to strengthen the things that remain and pass on the truth to the next generation.


Pastor’s Family

Pastor Bixler has a beautiful wife named Stephanie. Pastor and Stephanie have two lovely girls named Melanie and Allissa and a son named Andrew.

Our Assistant Pastor


Micah Still grew up in a Christian home in Georgia.  He grew up in church, but it was not until the age of fifteen that Micah trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior.  While attending a church youth activity, the Lord convicted Micah of his sin and on November 9th, 2012, Micah became a child of God.

Micah was called to preach at the age of sixteen and was led by the Lord to attend Ambassador Baptist College in Shelby, NC.  While at college, Micah attended Temple Baptist Church.  Upon graduating from college, the Lord led Micah to stay on as the assistant to the Pastor.  He works in various capacities, but he primarily works with the student ministries at Temple Baptist Church.

Micah has a burden for the young people in Lenoir and in the surrounding areas.  He desires that they might come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and walk with Him.  He has a vision to see young people surrender to the will of God and to live for Him.  In a world that is desperately putting pressure on young people to do that which is wrong, Micah hopes to be the one to lead them to the Light, the glorious Light of Jesus Christ.